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Hematology and Oncology Update for the Pediatric Practitioner

The Weill Cornell Medicine Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology hosted the annual CME “Hematology/Oncology Update for the General Pediatric Practitioner” at Griffis Faculty Club in New York City. This activity is designed as a periodic refresher for the general pediatric practitioner to provide updated knowledge about common disorders, newer testing and treatment paradigms, and suggestions for a new and more efficient referral pattern to be established. The intent is that this activity will lead to improved patient care, including improvements in knowledge, competence and performance.

Eight faculty members shared their expertise with the audience, and the activity was well attended by participants including 42 doctors, eight nurse practitioners and two students. Evaluation data was collected and comments from the attendees will be taken into consideration for planning future CME activities. The following objectives were met based on the data collected:

  1. Demonstrate an increase in knowledge of epidemiology, differential diagnosis, newer testing modalities and management of common hematologic disorders in children.
  2. Implement a rational clinical approach, focusing on avoiding unnecessary laboratory testing, to facilitate the correct ordering and interpretation of appropriate testing.
  3. Assess diagnostic and management skills, including appropriate primary and secondary prevention, to improve the overall health of children.

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